How to make wavy hair

How to make wavy hair

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How to do wavy hairwith different do-it-yourself techniques or with the skilful use of the straightener and curlers.

Little time available and you are wondering like having wavy hair? It is true, the desire to appear in order with the wave hair it's always a lot ... Then you just have to discover it with us how to do wavy hair in the simplest ways. Ready ?!

After seeinghow to straighten hair without a straightener (even if it is curly or short!) we will explain how to make wavy hair with effective DIY methods.

Straightener for wavy hair

The main tool that will allow you to have wavy hair is certainly the plate. To do this, simply buy a quality plate, made with material that does not impact too much on the hair, and proceed by working your locks one at a time. Before you start, however, take care to protect your hair from heat using a heat protection spray: this will prevent the high temperatures of the plate from damaging the hair excessively.

Once this is done, remember that the more hair you take, the softer the locks will tend to be, while the thinner the lock is, the more defined the wave will be. Also remember that with the straightener you can get an infinite number of alternative hairstyles: all you have to do is work with the right dexterity. For example, if you want wavy hair with wavy ends only, work only from mid-length down, while if you want the entire hair to be moved, you can start directly from the root.

Braids for wavy hair

The second way to be able to do wavy hair is to use the braiding: it is certainly a longer method but which - on the other hand - will allow you not to stress the hair too much with the high temperatures typical of the plate.

Doing so is very simple. Grab your hair, do some braids and… keep it on all night! The advantage of this way is, of course, that it is very simple to do: just make some braids and wait for the rest to take its course. On the other hand, it is true that the final result will be much less predictable and guided than what you could get with the straightener.

Also, we recommend using this method if you've just taken a shower. In fact, by drying the hair at 80% and braiding it when it is still slightly damp, you will be able to obtain the best results. Another suggestion that could lead you to the best results is to make two braids taking care to divide the hair into two equal parts in order to give the right homogeneity to the whole.

Once this is done, start braiding the hair starting from the height of the ears, and dividing the lengths into three equal parts without tightening the weaves too much.

When you wake up the next morning, you will finally be able to fix the effect with a special product for this purpose or, if you think fit, with the help of the above plate, in a very simple and light way.

Curlers for wavy hair

The two methods above for you to get the wavy hair they are widely used by women all over the world, but if you don't want to use the straightener because you fear for the health of your hair, and if you want to get a result faster than using braids, you can only use this simple technique .

How to make wavy hair with curlers

Before drying your hair after getting out of the shower, use a specific mousse for wavy hair. Then, dry your hair by creating waves with your fingers, and twisting the lengths strand by strand aim the jet of hot air from a hairdryer on the strand for a few seconds, before moving on to the next.

When you see that the hair is completely dry and free of moisture, you can proceed with texturing with a sea water spray, and rub it again with your fingers. You will see that the result will be exactly in line with modern trends, which tend to prefer wavy hair that is a little messy (but not too much!).

Electric curlers

Alternatively, you can do as so many people are doing: buy curlers, possibly heated, to be able to make wavy hair! Of course, in this case you will still need to arm yourself with a little patience, considering that you will need a few more minutes than with this method, but the result will be very natural and, above all, obtained without damaging your hair too much!

Heating or electric curlers see a lower price than the straightener. A very assorted kit of the renowned Remington brand, is offered on Amazon at a price of 29.50 euros with free shipping costs. For all the info, I refer you to the product page: Remington fast curls. You will notice that in the kit there are curlers of different sizes so you can understand if you wantwavy hair or curly hair.

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