How to collect snail drool

How to collect snail drool

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L'heliciculture it can be an excellent source of income not only because of the sale of snail meat but also because it is also possible to market snail slime. This is good news for those who already practice this activity and an encouragement to those who want to start it and were wondering if it was worth it. Recently in the world of cosmetics, the slime of snails it is enjoying great success, for the reasons that we are going to explain. In this sense it is important to learn how to collect it, a non-trivial operation that we can all learn.

Snail slime: what is it for

For centuries there has been talk of the goodness of snail meat, but also the drool shows many advantages. It is not eaten but applied on the skin with great benefits for everyone, especially for those who fight against wrinkles. Let's first see what it is. There drool we are talking about is nothing more than the mucus released by these little animals that have the scientific name of Helix Aspersa to protect soft tissues in contact with the earth and to climb vertical walls. It is a precious substance because it protects and, at the same time, glue, it is also used for the regeneration of damaged tissues because it protects them with an antimicrobial function.

In the field of cosmetics this product is very effective in the treatment of various imperfections such as wrinkles, stretch marks, acne, dehydration, blemishes. It is very rich in proteins, vitamins, glycolic acid, collagen, elastin, allantoin and peptides, as well as minerals. How does it affect our skin? It is able to favor processes such as those of regeneration, repair, purification and exfoliation. Being also rich in mucopolysaccharides, the slime of the snails is also highly moisturizing, it manages to penetrate into the innermost layers and is therefore a remedy even for minor shaving irritation. Not only women, therefore, but also men find an excellent ally in the slime of snails.

Although marketing-wise, it seems like a recent discovery, this substance has been known for millennia. Think that Hippocrates also wrote about 2000 years ago. The ancients did not use it much for wrinkles and skin beauty but more to heal gastritis, bleeding, ulcers and other stomach ailments. It was also known as a powerful remedy for whooping cough and other general cases of respiratory irritation as it facilitates the dissolution of phlegm and its elimination.

How to collect snail drool

First of all, it should be noted that it is not necessary to slaughter the snails to get the drool, it is enough to urge them lightly, without doing them any harm. This means that those who have a heliciculture business can safely sell both the meat and the drool of the animals without the two activities overlapping. There is no brood that does not produce drool, for this gastropod it is an essential substance for both defense and movement.

This mucous secretion allows it to proceed smoothly by sliding on the ground without injuring itself. It also helps you when it comes to "Climb" on steep walls or vertical because it favors the suction effect, which is fundamental in these cases. If you want to get serious about the snail slime trade, it is better to choose the species that produces the most valuable one, the Helix Aspersa that we have already mentioned.

Methods for collecting snail slime

There are two methods to proceed, the manual one and the one using a specific extractor. The first is quite slow, it takes several hours to be able to collect alone a few centiliters of mucus taking and washing the snails, in order to eliminate earth and other impurities, and then lightly stimulate them with the hands. This is the only way they will start drooling.

If you decide to proceed with a specific extractor it is necessary to get one, these are devices designed specifically to urge the snails to produce burr and to collect it. There are many models, it is important to identify those that do not make these little animals suffer while stimulating them to produce this substance so precious to us. It is a question of respect, for the creatures raised, but also of convenience, if you want to look carefully. In fact, it should be noted that if treated well snails, after a period of rest they can be used again for the collection of drool and also sold for their meat.

Sale of snail slime

Today this drool is quite in demand for creation of cosmetic products. Its properties are increasingly known and demand is not lacking. We can even get evaluated the slime of snails a hundred euros per liter, there is no shortage of outlets for sale and those who practice heliciculture know that it can become an important source of income.

Let's see together who may be interested in buying the slime of snails. There are those who are creating their own cosmetic lines and may be interested in using directly pure drool or are looking for it to insert it in cosmetics such as active ingredient or main ingredient. Cosmetic laboratories and companies, especially those with natural product lines, are also looking for drool producers on the market. Not least the pharmaceutical companies that can use this substance for the treatment of various pathologies or to make particular drugs.

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