How to change the strimmer line

How to change the strimmer line

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How to change the strimmer line: instructions on how to remove the head and replace the trimmer line. Practical advice for disassembly even when the head appears to be blocked. Clear and simple instructions.

Change brush cutter lineit is an ordinary maintenance operation of the appliance. Always having an intact thread allows you to obtain sharper cuts. For this reason, we will explain to youhow to change line on the brushcutter.

Thegrass trimmeris a garden tool that requires constant maintenance. Among the ordinary maintenance works there is the replacement of the worn wire. The brush cutter head is generally of the “knock and go” type, however the instructions can be applied to any type of line head.

Brushcutter: how to change the line

This guide is valid for bothelectric brush cutter, both for the classic petrol brush cutter, with internal combustion engine.

Thereflush headremains the same even after changing the thread.

Forremove the trimmer head, this must be rotated counterclockwise on the threaded shaft that comes out of the bevel gear, it is turned until complete disassembly.

To mount the head, at the end of the wire replacement, you will have to do the reverse work: you will have to rotate the head clockwise on the thread of the shaft that comes out of the bevel gear until the head is completely locked on the ring nut.

Head tap and go

Most ofbrushcutters(electric or not) have oneself-extending headknown asbrush cutter head tap and go. This head allows the escape of thewirewith a simple blow to the ground of the same, during the cutting work.

Forreload the threadon the head you will have to wind the nylon thread on the spool. You will have to wind both threads in the same direction, otherwise it would not be possible, when needed, to unwind the spool and extract the threads to replenish the worn part during use.

If you wantchange the trimmer line, you are very lucky if you have bought a device with a head that allows you to recharge without opening the plastic shell.

Wire diameter of the brush cutter head

When you decide tochange the line of the brush cutter headbe sure to buy nylon line of the proper diameter. The diameter of the wire, in fact, is a discriminating parameter. A diameter that is too large and excessively protruding from the same head could become a “weight” in relation to the power of the motor.

How to understand which diameter to choose?
At the time of purchase, bring some of the old worn thread with you. Alternatively you can read the user manual of yoursgrass trimmero keep in mind the general rules. For example, if you have agrass trimmerwith low displacement gas engine (30 cc), you can use a reinforced wire with a diameter of 2 - 2.3 mm. With a 3mm wire, aelectric brush cutteror agrass trimmerwith a low-displacement internal combustion engine it could be under stress.

Another parameter to consider is the protrusion of the wire from the head. How much wire do you have to leave free? If you have a electric brush cutteror low displacement, do not push yourself beyond 12 cm.

How to remove the brush cutter head

Removing the brush cutter head is not very complicated. If you've never done this before, you may run into difficulties - the sap from the weeds you cut can settle right into the thread making disassembly more difficult than it should.

Be ready to exert a little force to unscrew the destine from the threaded shaft. Which way to disassemble the head? As stated, unscrew it anticlockwise and assembly takes place clockwise.

Forremove the head, lay the brushcutter on the ground and position it over the shaft, holding it between your legs. With your legs, keep the shaft of the brush cutter firmly attached.

Above the head you will notice a hole, insert a slightly smaller Allen key. The key only has the function of getting stuck in the hole so as to lock the shaft. Once the key is entered, start atremove the headturning it clockwise. While doing this, you will notice that the Allen wrench is stuck in the hole on the discs, this is normal.

Beforeremove the head, observe the disks that are above it and make a local mind: remember the position and distance from the wires so as to mount it perfectly later.

How to change the strimmer line

Forreplace the trimmer head line, you can see this video tutorial that will explain, step by step, how to do it.

Video: how to replace re string line trimmer weed eater bump feed (July 2022).


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